Well, Couples Will be Happy, both China and Canada have Valentine’s Day

As we know, Canada and China have quite different culture on some aspects, but both of them have Valentine’s Day. When Valentine’s Day coming, couples will thinking about send some gifts to the people who they love. However, it is quite difficult, because firstly, the gifts should be meaningful. Secondly the gifts must be appreciated by the people who receive the gifts. It is not easy to satisfy these requirements in the same time. In China, actually, couples have the same problems, but the Valentine’s Day in China named Qixi, it is a  traditional festival and has been celebrated for hundreds of years. All in all, Canadian Valentine’s Day custom is similar to the Qixi in China, is that good news for couples? 图像


Quotes from The Godfather

“I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can be careless. But not men.”——Don Vito Corleone——The Godfather
I like this quotation because it is kind of rule for me. This movie is not only talking about gangs’ fighting in America but also teaching people how face your families, friends or enemies. As we know it is impossible to have sunshine all the time, likewise, we need to face the dark side of our life. I believe trying not to be careless will help people to make less mistake and learn more.


To remember the heros

November 11th is Remembrance Day, which is for remembering the people, who died in World War I and World War II.If people donate some money to the family who lost their family members, they will have a little red flower.This red flower,which named Buddy Poppies,is growing in front of the hero‘s grave in France, so people use this Buddy Poppies to remember their heros.

the little road behind my house

the little road behind my house

I think this is the most beautiful place in Vancouver, even it just a little road.

I like it because it is quiet and clean, I can hear the voice of the wind and the tree, sometime I can find some racoon and squirrel. Some other people who live here like to take a walk  at this alley. As the alley far away from downtown, when in the night people can see a lot of stars, even the   galaxy. I usually take a walk after dinner, and when the moon and star came out,  it was moving beautiful.

People can have a  relaxed time when they get off work, I think this is very necessary